The Forced Lubrication Unit or ULF is a system that provides oil pressure for bearing lubrication or control system for rotary equipment such as: turbines, reducers, compressors, generators, among others.

Turbimaq has developed technology for the design and manufacture of a lubrication unit that meets the requirements of API614, and other types of applications.

This type of system consists of oil pump, heat exchanger, oil filter, oil tank, control and relief valves, thermometers, manometers, transmitters, and other equipment and instruments specified by the client design, suitable for installation and operation in classified areas.

Lubrication units can be interconnected with carbon or stainless steel tubing, mounted on the same base of the main equipment or on a separate base, exclusively for this system. The interconnection between the lubrication unit and the equipment to be lubricated is also part of the scope of services.

The entire manufacturing process follows strict quality standards, accompanied by qualified inspectors, in order to ensure the fulfillment of product requirements and expectations of our clients.