The SE (Single Stage) Series turbines are designed for maximum versatility during operation and are suitable for low power mechanical drives mainly of centrifugal pumps, among others.

Its main characteristics are robust housing, steam sealing by coal rings or metal labyrinths, radial coated metal bearing with patent and axial metal type bearing, labyrinth type oil sealing, mechanical overdrive dismantling system incorporated in the turbine shaft and mechanical or electronic speed control.

The main advantages of this series are short-term delivery, low operating cost, and quality assurance that only Turbimaq, with its 40-year experience, can offer.

ModelSpeed (rpm)Inlet Pressure (Bar a)Inlet Temperature (°C)Outlet Pressure (Bar a)Power (kW)
SE2004000up to 42up to 410up to 151-50
SE3505000up to 42up to 410up to 1530-120
SE5005000up to 42up to 410up to 15100-450
SE6504000up to 42up to 410up to 15400-800
SE8004000up to 42up to 410up to 15700-1300


RC SERIES (back-pressure)