The TBH (Turbo Horizontal Pump) Series Simple Stage Turbines have been developed specifically for the oil pump drives of lubrication units.

In turbo generators these turbines can be applied as an option to the emergency oil pump’s direct current (DC) motor. In boiler feed water pump turbines, the Turbo Auxiliary Oil Pump can be used for quick and automatic startup of the main turbine, even in the event of a power failure.

These turbines feature compact construction, with rolling bearings, with need for oil for lubrication. Its body is designed for coupling with gear pumps, vane or spindles.

The TBH turbines, as well as all our products and services, are produced under strict quality standards, in order to guarantee maximum performance, always meeting the expectations of our clients

ModelSpeed (rpm)**Inlet Pressure (Bar a)**Inlet Temperature (°C)**Outlet Pressure (Bar a)**Power (kW)**