The MEGA-CO Series API (American Petroleum Institute) turbines are used in Chemical, Petrochemical and Refinery plants, have a high degree of operational reliability for installation in centrifugal pump drives, compressors, fans, generators and other equipment.

The API turbines are divided into two segments, API611 (general purpose turbines, spare engine in case of mechanical failure of the turbine, and operate for at least 3 years without interruption) or API612 (turbines of special use, with no spare engine in case of mechanical failure of the turbine, operated for at least 5 years without interruption).

The design of these turbines was developed in accordance with the API611/612 standards, including forced lubrication system, quick-action control and shut-off valves driven by hydraulic actuators, labyrinth-type steam and oil sealing and two-part housings; the high pressure part is in molten steel and the low pressure part in carbon steel plates, which allows greater flexibility of the position of steam output of the turbine, which can be downwards or upwards, sliding radial bearings and tilting pad type oscillating pellets.

The whole manufacturing process of the turbines and their components are executed following strict quality standards, accompanied by qualified inspectors, in order to guarantee maximum performance, meeting our clients’ expectations.

ModelSpeed (rpm)Inlet Pressure (Bar a)**Inlet Temperature (°C)**Outlet Pressure (Bar a)**Power (kW)**


MEGA Series (back-pressure)


SE Series (back-pressure)