The SE Series API (American Petroleum Institute) turbines are used in Chemical, Petrochemical and Refinery plants, have a high degree of operational reliability, and are suitable for installation in centrifugal pump drives, fans and generators.

Manufactured according to API611 (general purpose turbines, with turbine fault spare equipment, operate for at least 3 years without interruption) or API612 (special use turbines, without turbine failure spare equipment, and operate at least 5 years without interruption).

The main features of the SE API series turbines are: robust construction, horizontal or vertical installation, back pressure or condensation, patent metal coated double-ended bearings, control system with mechanical or electronic governor, hand-valve, mechanical overspeed trip, thermal insulation and stainless steel fairing, suitable for outdoor installation.

Turbimaq has a steam test bench where all API turbines are mechanically tested before shipment to the customer in accordance with API611 requirements, guaranteeing the operational quality of the equipment manufactured.

ModelSpeed (rpm)Inlet Pressure (Bar a)Inlet Temperature (°C)Outlet Pressure (Bar a)Power (kW)
SE2004000up to 42up to 410up to 111-50
SE3505000up to 42up to 410up to 1130-120
SE5005000up to 42up to 410up to 11100-450
SE6504000up to 42up to 410up to 11400-800
SE8004000up to 42up to 410up to 11700-1,300


MEGA-CO Series (condensing)


MEGA Series (back-pressure)